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Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING featuring Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi from Street Etiquette.

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Hats galore—————————————

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Cross straps are the best!

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“You Can’t See Me”, Tea Melin photographed by Bo Egestrøm in Dansk #28

So classic and chic. I love.

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With Summer on my mind and LA + Paris only 2 weeks away, I’m on the hunt for fashion inspirations aside from the obvious.

Yes, I have a striped bikini and yes, I have a pair of cat eye shades. But what about a must have shoe? Where could it be? I’ve seen everything from wedges to enhanced gladiators. I’ve even noted many sporting the flat form. Not a big fan and was feeling, up until two night ago that the market was lacking.

Well, fashion proved me wrong and thanks to my good friends at Seychelles, I found it!

While sipping bubbly alongside @TWWSTW and enjoying summer sweets at @SeychellesShoes incredible Nolita summer presentation, I fell in love with thier "Golden Opportunity".

It’s a fabric tye-dyed flat with colorful knotted straps that remind me of Portugal or Cape Town, Africa. Not to mention, it’s insanely comfortable which is priceless to a gal on the move. Last I loved it’s golden shoe base. I find it fashionably chic and bold all at the same time.

So summer, watch out. @SewMoniStyle is ready for you.



"Shake your grove thing, shake your grove thing, yeah, yeah…."


you’re so cute

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All things glitter are a must.

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Mexican Women


In the 1930s, Dorothea Lange took a large series of photographs of migrant workers throughout the U.S. including in California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. The most famous of these images is “Migrant Mother”. 

The above photo portrays migrant mothers as well. These Mexican women were photographed on the U.S.-Mexico border in California.  

Fall is Hot


Make fall a little warmer with outfits like this one


[Costume National asked Sergei Sviatchenko from Close Up & Private to give his take on the Autumn/Winter ’11/’12 collection. The result is “The Beetles News”.]


Suzie Bird in 10 Magazine F/W 2011 by Andrea Spotorno

Simple & Chic. Done.


Kamila Filipcikova in Rodeo Magazine F/W 2011 by Julia Hetta


lovely face and necklace…

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